I am a senior design manager with a background as a successful freelancer, I am experienced in organising and producing multiple creative solutions. I am adept at rationalising, educating and evidencing the advantages that a particular design brings to achieving the strategic objectives of a project.
Fuelled by curiosity, my quest for effective solutions has taken me deep into the arena of communications through web build and digital media, as well as app and events design. I am at my most effective when immersed in a busy team of people. I love to work in print and I thrive on the challenges of working in print production with all the new technology and materials on offer. I enjoy creating effective solutions with a multi-disciplinary team as well as liaising with clients and stakeholders.

I have over fifteen years of applied professional experience in graphic print and digital marketing, video editing and B2B campaigning. I am adept at managing a team to accurately and effectively interpret the aims of clients through frameworking, targeted research and testing.


Eli Butler

tel: +44(0) 7971197 508

email: eli.b@brickwall.net